Monday, September 15, 2014

Two puddles melted on the pavement...

We decided today would be a "recon" day: time to look around at RVs.  We have something small in mind... finding the right combination of small, but comfortable is the key.  I was thinking we wanted something on a Sprinter chassis, like a Winnebago View or similar.  Looking at a couple today, the floorplans are close to what we have in mind.  Close.  We decided to expand our options... we looked at a Winnebago Trend: it is on a Dodge chassis.  Gas, not diesel.  It has a dinette and a small couch.

A bit smaller than the View, but it seemed to have decent amenities.  The salesman we started with introduced us to "the new guy."  The new guy's second day on the job.  When it was clear that we weren't going to take home something today, the original guy excused himself to help another customer and left us with the new guy.  The temperature was approaching 102º... more humidity today, so it felt like 187º  OK, hotter than that in an RV that has been sitting in the sun, closed up.

I thought it might be part of the sales strategy: as the customer approaches heat stroke, they are less inclined to resist.  We took the Trend for a short test drive.  It drove fine; the air conditioning worked fine.  When we came back and I looked at the hitch on the back, it was clear it wasn't meant to tow much.  We found out it is a V-6, and has barely 2,000 pounds of towing capacity.  Not enough.

We were about done for the day, but decided to take a look at some Class C motorhomes... wider bodies, so there is more room inside with a similar length.  I am thinking we could make something like that work, but we were too wiped from the heat to give one a road test.  Another time.

We were back to Steph and Dan's place by 2:00... not exactly a "full day," but it was as much as we could take.


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Bill K said...

You have to watch those hitch's
I bought a 3/4 ton Ford cargo van to pull my C-Dory and found out that the receiver hitch has a 500 lb. tongue weight limit. ( This was confirmed in print from Ford)

My new boat trailer has a 665 lb. tongue weight.

Bill Kelleher