Thursday, September 11, 2014

Valley of the Sun???

Feels more like we are standing on the sun!!


A slight change of plans.  Last night, we were in Sedona... with an elevation around 4,500 feet.  It was around 80º when we checked into the hotel, around 6:00.  We thought we might stay a few days - it has been quite a few years since we've been here.

Visiting with our daughter last night, we changed that plan: they live in Phoenix, and their air conditioner decided this would be a good time to crap out.  We told them we would come to Phoenix and hang out in their HOT house to let the a/c guys in.  I know: what the hell were you thinking?

It is 97º here right now... and a balmy 92º in the house.  Spending the summer in the San Juan Islands, I thought I might have forgotten how to sweat... nope... apparently, it is like riding a bike... a hot, sweaty bike.

The drive south from Sedona was pretty pleasant - the desert was green!

We got to their house, unloaded a few things out of the cargo trailer...

... then put the trailer in storage.

Once inside the house, we found a gift basket the kids left for us...

Nice.  A new toy for Izzy, a Bacon Bowl maker for me, some wine and Twizzlers for the Blonde.

We waited in the hot house, and out on their covered patio.  The A/C guys were supposed to be there "around 1:00, no later than 3:00"... at 2:57, the doorbell rang - it was our new friend, Chuck the A/C guy... followed by Bryan, the other A/C guy.

We found out they need a "clear path" to bring in a whole new A/C unit.  The walkway between the front of the house and the back yard is full of stuff... Joan and I put on some gloves and went to work moving stuff.  Pretty sure that wasn't part of the "we'll let the A/C guys into your house" plan.

Also pretty sure that A/C repair trucks should be considered "emergency vehicles" in the Valley of the Sun.  Did I mention it is hotter than the fires of Hell??  Yeah, yeah - it's a dry heat.  So is an oven.

Here is the new unit, with our new friends, Chuck and Bryan...

There was some concern as they brought the new a/c unit in: the walkway around the pool in the backyard is narrow... instead of using the hand cart, they carried it by hand around that.  Fortunately, they didn't ask for a hand with it... I would have gotten Joan in there to do the heavy lifting.  ;-)

Now, we are waiting for them to hook up the new unit, get the coolant in it, and test 'er out.

Let's run it on HIGH!  (It is supposed to be more efficient than the original unit.)


On edit: the scoots get to sleep inside!  First time in a while.  The covers we bought worked out nicely for keeping them at the marina in Friday Harbor... getting to stay in a garage is even better!  :-)


C.Michael Taylor said...

FYI first image did not go through

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

It was a little sun graphic, Mike. (Like on the C-Brats)