Thursday, September 4, 2014

What manner of sleeping appliance is this??

While we were checking into the motel today, I got a call from Tim... "Hey, we're in town!"

I know they are excited - we were the same way when we rolled into Auburn to pick up the C-Dory originally.  "We'll come by your motel on our way back to the boat," I told him.

They are staying at the place we stayed in May.  We liked that place, but they have a new owner... who allows dogs, but is apparently a cat hater.  That may be a bit harsh: more like a feline bigot.  ;-)  So, we are spending our money at another place - more modern, but a bit further out of town.  Joan picked it out, Izzy approved.

It was good to see Tim and Mary.  They offered to help clean tomorrow, but Joan wants to do a thorough scrubbing... and I stay out of the way.  Of course, it IS their boat.  ;-)  We did leave a bunch of stuff that goes with the boat in their motel suite.  And, we are still packed to the gills.  And, we don't even have gills.

Back to the boat to pick up two more dock cart loads and sweet little Izzy.  Three and a half months since she's seen her carrier, and she didn't make any fuss.  You can tell by her expression, though, that she knows something is up.  She spent much of the day sitting in the cockpit, looking out.

When we settled into our motel room this evening, the main feature is that rectangular shaped thing... Joan says it is the bed.  I'm not so sure.  It isn't V-shaped.  This is going to take some getting used to.

And, there is a hot tub just steps from our room.  I have a few aching muscles that are looking forward to that.

Tomorrow: cleaning, and getting Tim and Mary started with their settling in!

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