Monday, September 29, 2014

Yep - it rained (well, not today)...

No, I'm not looking to take Al Roker's job.

Today, we went to the storage unit to check on the 5th wheel.  I had one of "those feelings" in the pit of my stomach as we headed north and east from home, there was a lot of standing water.  Standing in the ditches, standing in the fields, standing in people's yards.  Our island has decent run-off; other than the parking lot construction at our rec center, there is no standing water.

The mainland, however, is a different story.  It is mostly Farm to Market roads to get to our storage unit... we had to come to a crawl several times because water is still standing/running over the road in places.  Two days after the rain stopped.  This is all low-lying land, mostly agriculture: cotton, sugar cane, citrus groves.  One cotton field we passed had just been picked - lucky for them, because the entire field was under water.

I was a bit nervous as we pulled up to the gate at the storage unit... it looked a bit "boggy" in the grassy places, but not much in the way of standing water.  We unlocked the door, opened it, and... dry.

We loaded a few more things into the 5th wheel, and went into the valley for lunch, then to do some RV looking.

We'll be looking at weather and making some travel decisions.


John and Kathy said...

Hi there, If you're not in a hurry to buy another RV, come on over to the Tampa Supershow in January. If you can't find one here, it isn't made any more. This one is really the largest in the country. We'll be there on the grounds the whole time reporting on the show.

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Hi John and Kathy. I would love to go to that Tampa Supershow... someday. We'll be in AZ again by Feb. - pretty sure our coast to coast in the same month times are behind us. ;-)