Sunday, February 14, 2016

Check out my grill...

You thought I was getting some bling for my teeth??

Our portable grill at home takes up more space than we wanted to give up in the Aspect.  We looked around for the smallest grill possible.  Back in our early RVing days, we had used the cheap black ones that were about $15 or $20.  And, they were reasonably small.  Couldn't find anything like that in any of the big box stores, so Joan ordered us one from Amazon.  Several months ago.  Today was the first day we used it.

Being Valentines Day, we decided to grill here at the RV rather than fight the crowds.  I had to assemble the grill before we could use it.  The instructions said it would take 30 minutes.  Beat that by 10 minutes... all the parts were there, and the instructions were straight-forward.

I attached the propane canister and fired it up.  No "poof" sound as it lit.  I took the grill apart to make sure it was lit... yep, that's hot.  It did make some popping noises, which creeped me out.  I sat (not too close) to watch it while it made noises.  Doesn't sound like any grill we've owned before.

Joan made baked potatoes and corn, I grilled the steaks.  It's a cheap grill, but it did a fine job on the steaks.  And, we made goo-goo eyes at each other during the meal (Hey, it's Valentines Day!).

After our mid-afternoon meal, it was time to start "breaking camp"... we head out in the morning.  We strapped down scoots, packed the trailer for rolling, then rotated it so we can quickly hook up in the morning...

That's a rental car that will go back in the morning.  The cargo trailer is now facing the direction necessary for hooking up.  Tomorrow is the Monday of a 3-day holiday weekend - I'm expecting a lot of movement here in the park (it filled up on Friday) and out on the road.

The patio stuff is all put away, the patio is looking pretty empty...

We'll be ready to roll in the morning.

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