Thursday, February 11, 2016

Coronado Island...

It is directly across San Diego Bay from our RV park.  To get to it by road, you have to go south, then west, then north.  We have been over to Coronado Island several times this trip (it is where we boarded the ferry to get to the whale watch boat, rather than take on the downtown San Diego traffic), but today it is the destination.  I got the scoots out and we got ready to roll...

On the trolley tour, we were told that Coronado Island has some of the most expensive real estate in the US; I can believe that.  The government owns a bunch of the island, with the second largest Naval Air Station on the north side of the island, and a Naval Amphibious Air Station/Base on the south side.  We rode past the sand dunes on the way to the main part of the island, then through some of the side streets...

Lots of green grass, leafy trees, and well-kept homes.  All down the west side of the island: beautiful beaches along the Pacific Ocean...

We parked and walked around a bit.  The beaches are mostly unoccupied right now - that will change over the weekend.

One of the focal points of the island is the Hotel del Coronado - an historic showplace.  No idea what the rooms go for, but it was $37 to self-park in the lot... if you are staying there.  We found a parking spot on the street, literally just outside the hotel parking lot... for 50¢ for two hours.  That sounds better.  ;-)

We did walk through the hotel and around the grounds...

Pretty fabulous place.  We walked a few blocks and found an Italian restaurant with tables inside and out on the sidewalk - we went for a sidewalk table.  Truly outstanding food, and some fun people-watching.  Then through some tourist shops.  I had a plan to visit MooTime for ice cream again, but my full belly resisted.

Back on the scoots, heading south.  On the shoreline, we could see Mexico in the distance.  We drove through Imperial Beach, the last of the beach towns in the US before you get to Mexico.  Then back to the RV park.

I got a haircut on the patio, then spent some time in the hot tub.  I had an interesting visit with a couple other folks who were in the tub: one lady and her husband from Canada who are staying on their sailboat in the marina next door (yes, they have pool privileges in the RV park).  Another guy from Vermont who divides his time between cruising on their PDQ catamaran (doing the Great Loop in segments) and going south with their motorhome.  Plenty of people who follow the weather.

The Vermont guy and I traded cruising and RVing stories.  I asked him, "What do you think is the big difference between boat cruising and RVing?"

He said, "It sure is nice to have a car with the motorhome, so you can just get in it and go anywhere you want.  On the boat, we get around by bicycle, take public transportation, or have to rent a car."

"Yep.  We enjoy both, but I have to agree with you about the ease of RVing."

He said, "Weather isn't so much of an issue on land, either."

"Nope.  If you are 'dragging anchor' with your RV, you have a real problem on your hands!"

We both chuckled.

Another couple from Canada who do their "six months here, then back to Canada for 6 months."  They like to do a couple months in this park, then go to Vegas for a month, then wander around before heading north.  Makes sense to me.

Back to the motorhome, and supper with the Italian left-overs.  :-)


Mark M said...

Why not full face?

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Ah, safety first. Neither of us are comfortable in full face helmets. Ancillary reasoning: the 3/4 helmets fit under the seats of the Hondas. Truth be told, I don't always wear boots, either. Our daughter would be ticked, since we ALWAYS insisted that she wear ATGATT when we got her a motorcycle back when she was a kid.