Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Rollin'... Rollin'...

Rollin' on the river.  (acceptable bonus point answers would be CCR or Ike & Tina Turner  ;-)  )

The weather weasels were calling for cool temps and strong winds today.  I guess that is all relative - it doesn't seem as windy as yesterday, and it got up to 69º today.  And, sunny.

There is a shuttle bus in the park that takes you to the Riverside Casino.  We started our morning out with their breakfast buffet.  I may lose some on gambling, but I will come out ahead on the amount of bacon consumed... and it was really good bacon.  Yes, I have had "bad bacon"... usually that would be that paper thin stuff.

With bellies full, we went into the casino for some play-time.  Mostly, killing time before the 11:35 (yes, a.m.) movie: Deadpool.  A good movie; not your typical "super hero" type of thing.  Many of the Marvel characters have some kind of character flaw... this guy has a butt load of them.  That's part of what makes it entertaining.  Plenty of action.  Smart-ass humor.

After the movie, we looked outside (not always easy to do in a casino environment) - it didn't look too windy out there, so we decided to take a walk along the river (that's the Colorado River for those keeping track)...

A bit more gaming before coming back to the coach.  Stephanie warned us "don't lose the nest egg."  (Reference to the Albert Brooks movie Lost In America).  We didn't.  Well, maybe most of the yolk, but not the whole egg.

Izzy was ready for a walk when we got back.  Not like walking a dog.  Like most of the RV parks in the desert, this one is mostly sand and gravel (although we do park the coach on a decent concrete pad), and Izzy must check out each grain of sand.  It takes a while.

We got back to the coach around 3:30.  Too early to cash it in, even by RVer standards.  ;-)  We may even go out again after dark.  Exciting.

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