Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The lights...

After a pleasant day, we took the shuttle to the Riverside for supper... and a bit more play.  When we came back to the motorhome, I (of course) took Izzy for a walk.  While walking around the corner, a guy came out of his RV with a bag for the garbage.  Iz kept a close eye on the guy, and (uncharacteristic) started walking towards him as he headed for his RV.  I think he may have had a drink or 6.  It was dark out; he said, "What kind of a little doggie is that?"

"That would be a cat," I replied.

"A cat?  On a leash?  I have never heard of that before!"  (Like that is the first time I've heard that.)

Which reminds me: when the shuttle picked us up, I was walking Iz.  There was a guy walking two dogs nearby, so I picked her up and carried her to the motorhome, so we could get on the shuttle.  The shuttle driver said, "I bet your dog wasn't too happy about getting rushed into your motorhome?"

"That would be a cat,"  Seems I get to say that somewhat regularly.

"Oh, so it's OK because it's a cat, huh?" he said.

"No, I didn't want to walk her close to the guy with the two dogs.  It is embarrassing when she kicks dog butts."  The other people in the shuttle laughed.  I'm guessing the driver wasn't a cat person.

After the last cat walking, I grabbed my pocket camera to get some photos of the casino lights...

Looking just above the casinos...

Nice view of the moon from the front of our coach.

I could see some green lazer lights on the street a few sites down and across the street; I walked that way to check it out...

This guy has an LED projector shining lights on the side of his motorhome.  Well, and under it, and on the ground, and a stray one here and there on the street.  I may have to step up my outdoor lighting.  ;-)


Mark M said...

Star Shower, as seen on TV.

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

I see they recommend you don't use one of those within 10 miles of an airport. The airport in Bullhead City is right across the river - we can watch planes land and take off from our windshield. I wondered about that when I saw the LED lights moving.

Either that problem, or... 1,000 cats chasing the lights on the side of your motorhome! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!