Friday, February 5, 2016

You want some cheese with that wine?

Really.  Wine.  Not: whine.

Joan saw a post on the RV park bulletin board about a farmers market being held at a winery.  She enjoys wineries.  And wine.  So, this morning, we were up and out early.  For disclosure, "early" for us is around 9:00am.

It took us less than 40 minutes to get there; the winery is in a residential area.  OK, I'm guessing the winery was here first.  Since it was a bit early to sample some wines, we first walked around the grounds and went through the farmers market...

Seems to be our MO: we are there early, ahead of the crowds.  Every person there with a booth was doing their best to "woo" us in.  It wasn't a huge farmers market, but they had plenty of interesting booths.

Since we passed on breakfast before leaving the motorhome, I was ready for some chow.  There is a very nice coffee shop/restaurant that is a permanent fixture at the winery.  I was expecting some kind of sprouts offerings, but they had fresh baked breads and outstanding breakfast sandwiches.  (I would go back to the winery again, just for breakfast.)  We sat at a table outside, enjoying the atmosphere and our meal.

Then, Joan was ready for some wine tasting.  There is a charge for the tasting - they give you a card, and encourage you to go out to the shops and the farmers market between tastings.  Each time you try another wine, they punch the card. 

By this time, more people were showing up.  There seemed to be an unusual amount of young mothers with babies and toddlers... perhaps they are in more need of wine?

Joan enjoyed shopping in an eclectic women's clothing shop... I held her wine while she tried on clothes.  Yes, she found something she couldn't resist.

Back to the wine...

More seating outside in a nice setting.

Joan had more on the agenda today.  She was originally thinking another winery, but decided that was enough of that today.  Also on the plan: a trip to a burger place in Escondido.  Yes, there are plenty of burger places closer, and we were still pretty full from breakfast... but, our son-in-law Dan had designed the sign and logo for a new place in Escondido... and, it was only about 10 miles away.  We decided to swing by and get a photo of the results of his design work...

I figured it was only proper to taste the wares, since it is "Burger Friday."  (an event that Steph and Dan have shared with us)  I'm happy to report the burger was mighty fine.  It is an "open" type restaurant - what looks like a large window in the photo above has folding panes that make it an open-air dining experience.  All kinds of beers.  Bowls of fries, rings, or nuggets.  And, yes, there is a bench along one wall (with tables) for seating.

The weather has warmed nicely, around 70º today.  Izzy got some outdoor time when we got back.  The rest of our time here is supposed to be more of the same beautiful weather; the kind of weather that San Diego is known for.

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