Monday, May 2, 2016

Enough, already...

The day started out warm.  And still.  I needed to put a card in the mail - a good reason to get out on the e-bike.  Less than 5 miles, but I was a sweat-ball by the time I got home.  A shower felt great.

The weather weasels were calling for a front to move in, with wind from the north and slightly dropping temps.  Yep.  It went from still to wind out of the north at 25+ mph in just a few minutes.  That "temperature drop" took it from 79º all the way down to 75.  ;-)

The discussion turned to lunch.  Joan proposed some options, then we voted: another trip to Russo's (New York Pizzaria).  As we pulled up to the place, there were about 15 people standing outside... a line waiting to get in??

Nope, it was a group that was just leaving, but having a visit before going their separate ways.  When we went inside, there were two or three other parties at tables.  No, I don't think we'll have a problem getting seated.

We have had friends ask, "How can you two spend all that time together?"  Even when we are home together, Joan has her projects, and I try to stay out from under foot.  Lunch is a great time for us to sit across from each other and have real conversations.  Today, we were talking about plans for the summer.

There is one draw-back about being in a restaurant that has recently opened and not packed with customers: the staff outnumbers the patrons.  I understand, they need to train; they need to be prepared so service is good when they are busy.

Our waited came back to check on us every couple of minutes.  The manager came by to see that we were getting good service.  The operations manager came by - more of the same.  No, I don't know what the difference is between the manager and the operations manager.  Another waiter came by.  Twice.

Take a bite.  Tell someone, "Yes, everything is fine."  Take a bite.  Tell the next person, "No, our soda is good for now."  Take a bite... you get the idea.

Not a complaint, an observation.  It actually was kinda funny.  And, the food was good.


The humidity is down, below "Muggy" (one of the categories on the local weather).  It is gray and windy, but quite pleasant outside if you are out of the wind.  I think I'll pass on an afternoon ride, though.  The weasels are calling for a good chance of rain, but the feel of the air is saying otherwise.  The palm trees are swaying.  Well, more like leaning.  No worry about being a sweat-ball.

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