Thursday, May 19, 2016

Expanding horizons...

I told Joan I'd like to take her out for breakfast today.  This may be our last slack day before we head out... maybe even a movie for the afternoon.  After this, we will be sorting, packing, and gearing up for heading out.

I often forget about Pier 19 for breakfast - the restaurant is built on a pier.  Every table has a good view of the water.  I liked my view...

Looking south...

I have my favorite meals at the different restaurants in the area, and varied here today: going for their big breakfast tortilla "con toto" (with everything).  Although I did request: no beans, no onions, no peppers or jalapenos.  Joan got French toast, so we can do some "trading"... when the meal came, our waiter noticed, "I think they put beans on this.  I am so sorry.  Let me have them remake it right away."

I opened up the tortillas - yep, beans.  "That's OK.  I like beans, just not for breakfast.  Let's live on the edge this morning - this is fine."

"Are you sure?  They didn't put jalepenos on there, did they?" he asked.

I looked again, "What are these green things?"

"That is zucchini!  Oh no, you don't like zucchini?"

"I'm sure it will be fine," I said.

"Yeah, it is healthy," Gio said.

He is a trim young man.  I said, "You don't get a body like this (mine) without maintaining it.  I try to avoid that healthy crap, but this all looks fine."

And it was.  Mighty fine.  When Gio came back to see if we needed anything, I asked, "Can I get some extra zucchini and beans?"  A look of horror before he laughed.  I appreciate a sense of humor.

We stopped at the county park office to get a new sticker for the entrance fee - new car, new windshield.  We had the remnants of our old one, so all we had to pay for was the little sticker with the transponder in it.  It makes it easy to get into the park - you don't have to wait in line for an actual person to open the gate.

Out on the beach, it is a decent day here in the Tropical Tip.  Mostly cloudy, but not windy, and the rains the weasels were predicting for today seem to have fallen out of the forecast.  Not many people on the beach...

That is going to change with a holiday weekend next week - the beach will be packed.  I'm thinking it will be good to get down the road before that.


The movie was good - Mother's Day.  I expected it to be a lame romantic comedy, but they managed to weave a bunch of different situations, each with different characters, together.  I guessed two of the major "plot surprises," so it wasn't unpredictable.  But, it was a nice diversion, and we had the entire theater to ourselves...

No, our local 4-plex isn't as uptown as the movie theater we like to go to in Phoenix.  Sure is nice to have it here, though.

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