Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Glass so clean, it seems to disappear...

We had an appointment today with the car dealer: they are putting in a new windshield... ours had a couple nicks in it.  No, I didn't argue with that.

The original plan, as we were told: they will need three hours.  Bring our Honda in at the agreed upon time, they will give us a loaner car.  Not a big deal; we figured we'd have lunch, do a bit of shopping, then swing by where our motorhome is stored (not too far north of the dealer).

That was the plan; the reality: we got there 15 minutes early, and our salesman said, "Good news - the windshield guy will do your windshield while you wait, and it doesn't have to sit for two hours afterwards.  30 minutes, and you can take it with you."

I'm not keen on waiting, but this way I can keep an eye on it.  We have some stuff to put in the motorhome, so I won't have to move it twice.  Yeah, this is OK.

Of course, the 30 minutes turned into an hour.  I had a couple questions about how to care for the windshield for the next 24 hours, but the windshield guy didn't speak any English.  I got by with my limited Spanish, then confirmed with one of the service writers.  Mostly: don't slam the doors for at least 24 hours.  There is the blue tape on there, and we can take it off tomorrow.  Done.

The sales manager came out while I was walking around, and asked how we were enjoying the CR-V... "We like it a lot."

"Glad to hear it - we just want you to be happy."  He is saying all the right things.  The business manager brought out our paperwork and the title.  Just like she said it would be.  Now, we can move on.

Lunch (at Longhorn Steakhouse), 3 shopping stops, and out to the motorhome.  We took a few things out, put in a few.  We will need to bring it to the house for toiletries and food - next week.  One more shopping stop in our hometown.  I decided to top off the tank to see how we are doing on gas mileage, and noticed that gas has gone up 12¢ in the past couple days (summer is coming).  27.7 miles per gallon with a combination of in-town and highway.  Yep, I am liking that.

Izzy was happy to see us... "Did you get my text?" she asked.  "I didn't know if you would be home in time for supper!"

She is pretty laid back about most stuff - just don't mess with her feeding schedule.

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