Monday, May 16, 2016

Got a call from the dealer...

I thought they were going to say, "We made a mistake and need more money from you..."  No, they didn't.  ;-)

We made arrangements to pick up the paperwork so we can get license plates on Wednesday.  Seems that they have a policy they didn't tell us about: No paperwork can be released until the check clears.  Yep, we aren't in the good ol' mid-west here.  I said, "You don't trust me?  Do you want to call the bank?"

"Oh, no, sir - it isn't about trust.  This is a company policy."

"Is this a new policy since last Friday?" I asked.  I was just messing with her - I knew what she wanted.

"Umm, no.  I forgot about this."

"You forgot about your own company policy?  You're the business manager, right?"

"Well... if you could bring a cashier's check, I can get the paperwork processed for you right away."

"But, you have my check.  If I give you a cashier's check, then I will have paid you twice.  You don't trust me, but you want me to trust you?"

Joan was listening to all this and said to me, "Let's just get a cashier's check and take it to them today - you wanted to go for a ride anyway."

I said to the dealer lady, "OK, we'll bring a cashier's check to you this afternoon.  You hand me my check back first, and I will give the cashier's check to you."  I was chuckling under my breath.

"That will be fine, sir."

"So, you haven't even deposited my check, yet?"

"Umm - no..."

"OK, I'll see you in a couple hours."

This was beginning to feel like a hostage exchange.  ;-)

Joan and I went for lunch at our favorite local Italian place.  We had a table by the window; nice view...

I am really liking this CR-V.

It is about 25 miles to the Honda dealer.  I went into the business manager's office, and she was ready for me: she handed me my check back first.  I gave her the cashier's check and said, "See you Wednesday."  A sense of humor isn't her strong suit.

On the expressway, I usually drive 65 - the speed limit here is 65 most of the way, 70 for a bit.  I looked down, and I was doing 78 mph.  Ohh - this thing is peppy, quiet, and smooth!  In the 4 to 5 mile stretch on the Expressway, three cars swerved into our lane.  Joan said, "Does this thing have a giant magnet in it?"

Nope, just dumbass drivers.  One woman messing with her make-up.  Another on her phone.  The third was apparently just a dumbass.

We made it home unscathed.

We are re-evaluating our upcoming travel plans - may be heading out earlier, and making a stop-over in Phoenix... 'cause Phoenix in the summer is fun.  Well, except for that "OMG, it's hotter than the gates of Hell!" thing.  But, it is where our sweet girl is. 

Oh, and it's a dry heat.


Hudson River Boater said...

My Wife has a CR-V-- It now has 130k odd miles on it.. I try to keep in "Showroom Condition" Seems to be treating her very well-- Bought it from a Honda Dealer "Who am I to Say Different?" I don't buy Vehicles from Dealers..

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Hi HRB. We have had Honda motorcycles, outboards, a generator, and one Honda car in the past - always reliable and well-built. Hoping this one continues the trend.