Sunday, May 29, 2016

It's a new world record!!

Yeah, I was up early.  That two hour time zone change - how often do you get jet lag when traveling by RV?

Our RV site in Benson...

Nothing special, but nice to have a plug-in.  Over priced, even with the Passport America discount... may be the reason there were only a half dozen rigs in the park.

It was another cool start to the day at 3,600' elevation.  We didn't have to hit the road too early, since it is only about 3 hours to our destination today.  We rolled through Tucson about 9:30 - not much traffic...

Between Tucson and Phoenix, we got our first view of Saguaro cacti once again...

About that "world record": we stopped for fuel about mid-way... with a combination of no head-winds and less hill climbing, I got the best fuel mileage since we bought this small coach: 10.69 miles per gallon!  Makes my heart soar like an eagle.  Also, a new high with the CR-V: 42 miles per gallon.

That mileage probably has something to do with going easy on the gas pedal...

Yes, we are being passed by a Smart Car.

We planned to roll through Phoenix before noon to hopefully avoid the holiday weekend traffic...

Good timing.  We rolled into the RV park just before noon.

Steph was planning to make supper for us, but Joan was craving an In and Out Burger.  That burger craving doesn't happen very often, so it is important to act on it.  We stopped to pick up Steph and Dan (the reason we are here in the desert this time of year), spent some time with Grandkitties, and headed over to In and Out.

Tummies full, we drove by the new schools where Steph and Dan will be teaching this next school year.  Much bigger campuses.  Dan's school is still under construction.  They are excited about these new opportunities.

I deemed it fate when our routing back to their place took us by Culver's - "We should probably stop and get some ice cream, huh?"  That motion carried unanimously.

Then back to our motorhome where we spent the rest of the afternoon visiting.  It is so good to spend some time with them again.

Little Izzy did make an appearance or two while we visited; most of the time, she spent by the bedroom window, keeping an eye on the roadrunners that kept making laps of the coach.

Early evening, we said our good-byes, with plans for tomorrow.  And it won't involve driving separate.  ;-)

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