Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Just so you don't think...

... I sat around all day, playing guitar... well, I played a bunch, but not all day.  The day isn't over, yet.  ;-)  That's what you're supposed to do when a new guitar arrives.

Joan is deep into her quilt project, and let me know that she wasn't planning any outside excursions today (nor any progress photos).  I did get out on the scoot for the scooter tag game... the tag was "your scooter in front of a Mexican restaurant."  Kind of a gimme for this area.  I think Pizza Hut is the only restaurant around here that doesn't offer Mexican food.  There is a Mexican restaurant right across the bridge off our island.  Easy.

You know what they call Mexican food here?  Yeah: food.

I did get out on the e-bike, too.  It is a warm, humid, windy day.  There is another air quality alert today for irritants in the air from agricultural burning hundreds of miles away in Mexico.  You don't really notice it... unless you are exerting yourself... like pedaling away like mad on a bike.

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