Monday, May 9, 2016


That is what some people think we do in the sun all day.  Nope.

When we visited with friends Mark and Cindy in Phoenix this winter, Cindy was showing Joan some of the quilts she made - they are gorgeous.

Joan thought she might like to try her hand at that.  Over the past month or so, she has done some smaller projects: bowl holders for Steph and Dan and us.  They are nice to put around a bowl that is going to be hot.  They look great and are functional.  She made a cushioned pad for Izzy's "tent house."  Izzy loves it.

With a few smaller quilting projects under her belt, Joan ordered some fabric to make a patch-work quilt - folksy looking in a variety of patterns and designs... including some cat images, of course.  For the last 10 days or so, she has been cutting and sewing in her spare time.  She likes staying busy.  In contrast, I am quite content with playing guitar, biking, scooting, and generally being non-productive... but, I digress.

This morning, Joan asked if I'd help her with laying out the design of the quilt.  "Sure!"  I had no idea what I was doing, but I did occasionally say, "Try putting that one over there, and move this one..."  ;-)  We used to work together on photo wall groupings back in the day.  We still work together well.

She used the floor in our living room and started the process: big squares alternating with 4 smaller squares.  The plan was to wind up with no two colors or patterns adjacent to each.  It took some doing, but I think we achieved the results she was after...

When she was satisfied that the layout was good, it was time for a photo to be able to reproduce the results...

Yes, Izzy is a big help with projects like this.

She already has the fabric "sandwich," with quilting in the middle, done.  The next step is sewing together all those squares, large and small, together...

Takes some patience and foresight.  A good work ethic.  More than I have.  I think I'll take a nap.  No, it won't be done today so I can cover up with it.


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