Friday, May 20, 2016

Learning to dance in the rain...

If you've been on Facebook for more than a day, you have probably seen variations of this meme...

Lovely sentiment.  There are three things on the to-do list today - the one that will take the most effort is: scrubbing the house.  With our vinyl-clad siding, a couple times a year you have to wash it down; between the humidity and the wind, it will start looking like it is mildewed if you don't.  Especially the white trim.

I checked the hourly weather forecast.  Yeah, I always do, even on days when I'm not going to be scrubbing down the house.  The weasels were calling for 0% chance of precip, mostly cloudy, 94% humidity, 82º ("feels like" 94º) and almost no breeze (less than 3 mph, light and variable).  It wouldn't be a good day to go sailing, but (other than the humidity) it is a good day for house scrubbing.

Working together, there is a system for house scrubbing: one person does most of the scrubbing (with soapy water) with a long-handle brush, the other one gets the details with a short-handle brush, and sprays the soapy water off with the hose.  If you do "the dance" correctly, nobody gets sprayed by the hose.

That's the premise.

Mother Nature had other plans: about 20 minutes into the scrubbing and hosing, it started to sprinkle.  We are both wet enough from the over-spray that it doesn't matter much.  As we moved to the other side of the house, the rain started to come down more.  I wouldn't call it "pounding," but the street was wet and it wasn't from us.  We kept scrubbing.  And hosing.  Hey, today is house-scrubbing day.

Joan got some water ricochet' in the face.  I got a solid spray on one foot.  None of it was intentional.  We kept working.  In the rain.  No doubt the neighbors think we are odd.  OK, probably has nothing to do with house washing in the rain.  But, we got the job done.  And, we are still talking to each other and laughing.  Some couples would be in an all-out water fight in these conditions.

As we were putting the hose away, the rain stopped.  Even a little sun trying to peek through the clouds.  So now, it's really humid!

We are getting our heads into getting on down the road.  More tasks ahead.

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