Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Nothing says nutritious breakfast like...

... ice cream and a left-over stromboli.  Yeah, we're cleaning out the fridge.  No way I was going to toss slightly freezer burned ice cream or any form of Italian food.  Two of the 4 main food groups - now I just need to have some bacon and chocolate.  Scratch that: the ice cream was Oreo, so I am covered on the chocolate.  I looked... there is no left-over bacon.  Pretty sure that is an oxy-moron.

The loading and house closing continues.  I do think I'm rapidly approaching the "No mas!" stage with this moving in and out stuff.

The local weather weasels are taking delight in saying, "The outside air temp at the coast is 87º, but it feels like (the misery index) 100º... and, it is going to get even hotter before the day is over.  Even hotter inland!"

The only response I have to that would be expletive-filled.

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