Saturday, May 14, 2016


I know how to drive a car.  And a truck.  A motorhome.  All kinds of boats.  There is a learning curve with any different vehicle or vessel.

You may remember that I recently said something about not going out and about on weekends.  Yeah, my belly says we're going out for lunch, regardless of what day of the week it might be.

We spent some time getting stuff that had been in the truck (and was quickly piled into the cargo area of the Honda) organized and put away.  There was a lot of room in that truck bed with the locking solid fiberglass tonneau cover.  It held tools, an air compressor, some more tools, Izzy's carrier, an auto emergency kit, and some more tools.  Tools that were rarely needed; and when they were, it was around the house, not out on the road.

There was also a big storage compartment between the front seats.  The Honda has a very nice storage area between the front seats - not quite as cavernous.  We made some piles: stuff to stay home, stuff to go in the car, stuff to go in the motorhome, stuff to go in the trailer.  Then, put it all away, so everything looks nice and neat.

Now, about that belly that is ready for lunch... off to Marcello's for some Italian.  Joan said she'd like to make a quick stop at the store, afterwards.  "The store" here means two options: Walmart or HEB.  We're going to Wally World.  Just like a lot of people who are heading for the beach.  The streets in town were busy; Walmart was packed.  Well, the area just inside the store was packed... that's where all the "beach stuff" is located this time of year.  Important stuff like plastic buckets and little shovels; inexpensive floatie toys; beach chairs and umbrellas.  Once we got beyond the crowds at the front of the store, it was reasonably uncrowded.

I was having a pretty good day: I won the shopping cart lottery!  I picked the only shopping cart in the store that has 4 good wheels... that all roll the same general direction.  Too bad we only needed a few things.  I wonder if I can reserve that cart in advance for our next visit?

Most of the time, I get a cart that is like dragging a wounded sea lion across gravel.  Well, truth be told, I've never drug a wounded sea lion across gravel.  But, I digress.

The lines were long at the 3 checkouts that were open.  We went to Self Check-Out.  Everything went smooth and easy.  What's next: self stocking of the shelves?  I think I would be pretty good at self greeter... again, I digress.

We got into the traffic, moving slowly towards the causeway.  I was able to get off the main drag at the first opportunity and take back streets to our island, to avoid the crowds.  We stopped to check mail.  I backed into a spot so I could get a couple photos of the Honda.  Joan has been using AirDrop to move stuff between her phone and iPad - I figured I better give that a try, too...

I asked Joan how I did backing into the spot - I am used to the truck.  She said, "Well, other than the fact that you are about 6 feet from the back of the parking spot, just fine."

Yes, she was exaggerating... 2 feet, maybe.  This CRV has a very nice back-up camera in it - easy to line up with the lines in the parking spot.  And, it is about 6' shorter than the truck.

Pulling into our parking at home, I tried a whole different angle compared to how we had to fit the truck in there.  Lots of room, and I can move over quite a bit to stay out from under a palm tree (that occasionally sheds).

We are going to have to put something on this that differentiates it from all the other white vehicles around here.  Joan thought a small, tasteful sticker on a rear window.  I was thinking a 6' tall Orca fin on the top... and some appropriately positioned black swirls.  Or not.

Joan got our XM radio info transferred over.  We set some of the radio pre-set buttons.  I played with the sunroof.  I don't think I'll be setting up the bluetooth for our phones.  Nice to learn what it can do, though.  And, did I mention how easy it is to park?


John and Kathy said...

Thought you might be interested in the install of our Blue Ox Baseplate in our CRV.


Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Thanks, John and Kathy. It would be nice if we had someone close by who does that kind of work.