Tuesday, May 31, 2016

We dropped off the Honda...

Left it with an RV service place here to get the towing and braking equipment installed.  In the meantime, we are once again driving the silver Malibu.  It isn't fancy, but it has good air conditioning, and that is important.

I thought I might coax Izzy into a walk before it got too hot outside.  Nope.  She has her morning routine, and that includes a couple hours of relaxing after breakfast.

Joan and I did some shopping - starting to stock up for our time on San Juan Island.  Even got in a short nap this afternoon.

Steph and Dan were at their new schools today - first day of training for them, so Joan planned supper for this evening.  We really enjoyed hearing about their "first day of school."  Well, there will be more time off for their summer break, but this gave them an opportunity to meet some of the staff.  Everything sounds upbeat for both of them.

Here's a shot I took yesterday morning while waiting to get a seat for breakfast...

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