Friday, September 2, 2016

A long way to go...

I don't mind that if we get the desired result.  Today, we didn't.  No report until we were an hour or so into our trip, and that report put the whales quite a ways away... if they move towards us, it is doable.  They didn't.  When I had to make the "nope" decision, the whales were moving away from us almost as fast as we were going.

I had let the guests know that it was an iffy proposition, at best.  A good group, they sure seemed to understand what we were up against.

This is my last trip for the season out of Roche Harbor - two more days of trips out of Friday Harbor before our season here is a wrap.

It was a rainy start to the day.  Also, the start to a holiday weekend - I went in early to take the boat to the fuel dock and pump it out.  I got wet while pushing water out of the canvas over the rear outside seating area in the boat.  Fun.

On the bright side, the water was pleasant.  Overcast, temp in the low 60s, but not much wind.  Good viewing conditions to look for whales.

Coming back in from that long trip, I found a big boat in the slip behind us... with a fishing boat tied alongside - right where I need to rotate at our slip.  And, of course: dinghies stacked up in the front.  I let the first mate know it would be "snug," and she was able to watch our stern.  Yeah, it was close.

On the big boat was a guy with a cell phone in one hand, a drink in the other, and a sneer on his face.  After we said good-bye to our guests, I asked the guy if there was any chance he could put that fishing boat in front of his boat instead of alongside it... he said, "I knew you were good enough that you could fit in there.  We come here all the time."

For the record, I've never seen this guy before... I would have remember the sneer.  Then he added, "Besides, that fishing boat is my son's - I don't care if you hit it or not."

Too cheap-ass to get a slip for the fishing boat... or simply wanting everyone to see the fishing boat and the very nice RIB tied to the big boat - it looks more impressive.

It certainly isn't the biggest boat we have had to work around, but with the fishing boat tied to the side, it is the biggest pain in the ass. 

Driving home - in the CR-V, not the scoot - I enjoyed running through the curves...

I stopped in Friday Harbor and bought my Honey an ice cream - she was a busy girl at the front counter, and couldn't get away.  I was feeling the need for an ice cream to mark my last day at Roche.

Two days to go.

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