Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Another play day...

Scooter time.

Joan asked, "Did you bring a camera?"

I usually have one around my neck when we're out on the scoots.  Today, I just wanted to ride.  So, no photos.

We had a general destination: Hill City for lunch.  We could ride directly there in a half hour... definitely not the plan - it's still about the ride, not the meal.  We took some back roads - yes, the one with the road construction.  It wasn't bad until we came upon where they were still putting down oil and fresh gravel.  We had to wait for a pilot car, and he wanted us to follow him in the wet, fresh oil... nope, we drove on the other side that at least had gravel.  It was only for a mile and a half.

Time for a change of routing.  I opted for Highway 244 - the road that runs past Mt. Rushmore.  Yes, we drove that road the other day, but only up to Mt. Rushmore - there are miles of hills and nice sweeping turns that eventually take you back to Highway 385, then north into Hill City.

Hill City used to be kinda run down looking... not any more.  The shops along the main drag are occupied and seem to be doing well.  Town looks nice.  We parked the scoots, walked around town a bit, then decided on a restaurant.  We were told a 20 to 30 minute wait - a couple tour buses rolled into town and all the restaurants were busy.  The wait turned out to be less than that, and the food was outstanding.

Back on the scoots and more highway riding... eventually, back to Hart Ranch.  Another beautiful day, but it looks like there is a change in the weather coming tomorrow.


John and Kathy said...

Lunch at the Alpine? One of our favorite Black Hills places.

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Hi John and Kathy - we parked by the Alpine Inn, but walked up the street to Desperados. Town was hoppin'!