Saturday, September 10, 2016

Coeur d' Alene...

Well, Post Falls - kind of a suburb of CdA (learning to abbreviate like the locals).

We did the whole 7 miles without a break.  The Nav system in the Aspect took me right to the park, Joan followed in the CR-V.  The ladies at the check-in counter were very nice - told us we could put the trailer in over-flow parking if we couldn't fit it on the site.  We decided to go for an extra day (3 total) after checking weather again.

It's a nice park - not new (you can tell by the size of the sites), but decent amenities.  We drove to our site to check it out... yep, we will be unhooking the cargo trailer and putting it across the front of the site.  We may need a shoehorn to fit the CR-V on the site, too.

The parking area for the RV is gravel, with a concrete patio pad.  We are over-hanging the site in back in order to make it all fit.

Little Izzy had settled in while we drove over...

"There is grass back there!  I wanna go outside - I wanna go outside NOW!"

Yes, I am kidding: she is too sweet for that.  Most of the time.  That shot above was mid-yawn.  She got to spend time outside while we hooked up all the utilities.

Time for Izzy's afternoon nap, and time for our lunch.  We took the Honda out, with a plan to explore Coeur d' Alene and the lake area after we eat.  Joan found us an Outback for lunch - we took our time, after that exhausting 7 mile drive.  ;-)

Beautiful views along Lake Coeur d' Alene...

A great bike path along the lake (you can see it in the top two photos) - we may get the e-bikes out tomorrow, weather dependent... it is supposed to be colder and windy... we'll see.

Back to the RV resort - checked out the pool and hot tub area.  At the coach, Izzy got some more outdoor time while we enjoyed adult beverages on the patio.  The wind is beginning to pipe up.

I think we'll make it an early evening.

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