Saturday, September 24, 2016

Harvest Fest...

I took Izzy for a walk this morning.  No, that is not news... the wind was blowing out of the northwest at about 25 to 30 mph.  Chilly.  Iz didn't seem to mind.

With the brisk wind, I called for a day off from the scoots.  We visited with Steph, and she asked if we'd pick her up a Black Hills State University sweatshirt... and a pennant.  Seems that other teachers have something from their college on display in their rooms, and she wants to be one of the cool kids, too.  Or something like that.

We told her we'd make a run to Spearfish to check out the university book store.  Joan got online and found that there is an outlet for that in Rapid City, saving us an hour drive.  So, off to the big city.  The store handles logo stuff for Black Hills State University, South Dakota School of Mines, and South Dakota State University... and has a nice selection... including some things that aren't on their website.  Added bonus: 20% off BHSU logowear today (BHSU is playing School of Mines here today).

Being the techy Mom and Dad we are, we texted her photos of stuff, and she picked what she wanted.  Easy.

A block or so away from that store, we found we were in the middle of Harvest Fest - a celebration happening in the downtown area.  Booths, fair-type food, rides, live music - a fun way to spend some time...

Most folks are aware of Mt. Rushmore, here in the Black Hills.  That is about a half hour away from Rapid City.  Staying with that Presidential theme, Rapid City has statues of the US Presidents on their street corners throughout the downtown area.  Nicely done.  Here's a shot with me and George HW Bush...

Downtown Rapid City looks good.  Plenty of vitality, a variety of shops and restaurants.  Nice to see that in a downtown area.

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