Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I need a new ID and a gun...

I had called my buddy, Mike, to ask him about a particular handgun he owns.  No answer, and when he called back, I was getting in line for check out at Walmart.  "Mike, I need a hand: I need a new ID and a gun..."


"Hold on while I get to a place where I can talk..."

Joan was in line to take care of the shopping cart full of stuff, and the lady behind us who was eavesdropping on my call will probably call the NSA.  ;-)

"Nah, just kidding - just having some fun with the snoopy woman behind me."

Mike and I visited for a bit.

There is an issue I hadn't considered when changing our address to deal with mail with our wandering lifestyle: a PMB.  That's a Private Mail Box.  A place that will forward your mail to wherever you might be traveling.  The problem with that is: you don't have a physical address on your driver's license.  Without a physical address, you can't buy a gun; or get a permit from the Sheriff's office.

It doesn't matter that you have lived in the state for almost 40 years, owned businesses, and you are a law-abiding citizen.  I get that there are some businesses that won't ship stuff to a PMB or a Post Office Box.  But, standing right there in person, you can't buy something that is protected by the Second Amendment.  I'm not going to get all political here, but there is something screwy with the system when it comes to dealing with those of us who choose a mobile lifestyle.

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