Thursday, September 29, 2016

I think the solution is obvious...

We need to buy more stuff.

Today is clean-up, pack-up day.  The weather weasels were calling for a windy day: gusts 25+... I wanted to get going on the coach washing reasonably early.  I didn't beat the wind, but I finished washing it before noon (my idea of reasonably early).

Joan cleaned windows and started arranging the cargo trailer.  She is the packer - she makes it all fit.  Once we had the scoots in and strapped down, she started filling floor space.  At one point she said to me, "There is some space up front."

I said, "Apparently, we need to buy more stuff!?!"  Not the answer she was looking for.  In the end, everything in its place, ready for the road...

Time for me to clean up.  While waiting for Joan, I considered checking my favorite sites on the computer... little Izzy had other ideas.

"Is this where you want to put that computer?  I bet you want to take me for a walk instead, huh?  Huh?  Huh?"

Yeah, we went for a walk.

One more trip to the store (nothing to do with that space in the trailer) after lunch out.  Joan was telling me this particular Walmart is really nice (I waited in the car when she went in last time).  Oh, my goodness... it was clean... bright (You know how some Walmarts turn off half their lights in the middle of the day?  Yeah, this one doesn't.)... space in the aisles.  It was downright pleasant - you could get get carts past each other.  The place was huge (biggest Walmart I've been in), and the shelves were all full and nicely arranged.  I have come to think of Walmart as necessary, but something to be endured... this was nice.  They had everything on Joan's list.

I have been in this particular Walmart years ago, and it wasn't this nice.  Or clean.  Or bright.  Someone in management is making a difference.

We picked up a pizza at Marco's Pizza, for the road.  Gassed up the CR-V.  I'll do the same with the motorhome in the morning.  Back at our site, I admired how clean the motorhome looks...

Shiny!  Ready to squash some bugs down the road!

Our two weeks at Hart Ranch have been great.  Love this resort!  Izzy is particularly fond of it, probably because of the space we have off our patio - plenty of room for walking in the grass.  It has been relaxing and a great place to base ourselves for day trips.


I cleaned the scoots yesterday after our ride.  Joan said, "The forks are still grubby."

I said, "I put away the cleaning stuff - I'm done."

She said, "I'll clean the forks myself."

I said, "You can go fork yourself."

And that's when the fight started.


Just kidding.  Oh, the dialog is accurate, but we both had a good laugh.  Yeah, I cleaned the forks.


MarkJ said...

If you drive thru OKC honk and wave!

Safe travels!

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

I think we will be west of OKC this trip, Mark... trying to find some nice two-lanes.

But, I'll still honk and wave. ;-)