Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Tires are aired up.  Holding tanks dumped and flushed.  Some fresh water in the tank.  The rest of the stuff that isn't in use is put away.  Tomorrow, we will unhook utilities, raise the leveling jacks, hook the cargo trailer to the motorhome, and head for the ferry.

I took back our uniforms and picked up our last paychecks.

The weather weasels predicted a cloudy morning with sunshine in the afternoon.  Close: it was sunny in the morning and rained all afternoon.  Good thing we got the last of the outside work done in the morning.  Another day that didn't get above 60º.

Little Izzy got to be outside in the morning and couldn't understand why she couldn't go out in the afternoon.  We'll see if she remembers how to travel.

After getting in line for the ferry tomorrow, we aren't on any particular schedule.  I'm good with that.


kelley johnson said...

Really enjoyed reading your daily blogs since you have been on the island. Never did make it up there this summer with our exchange student, but seeing all the whale and nature pics has inspired us to make it a goal next summer. My wife and kids would love to see the whales so I hope you come back for another season!! Next summer, I may even make a solo trip up there on my Burgman. Happy and safe travels as you make your way south. If you happen to pass along I-5 near Tacoma, send me a message and would love to hook up for lunch and exchange "scooter tales"
Take care - Greg

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Thanks, Greg. The road construction made the riding on San Juan Island challenging at times this summer. BUT, a lot of great riding in the islands and on the mainland. Getting the opportunity to see the whales is so worth the trip. Whether we are there or not, I recommend a trip to the San Juans AND some whale watching.

Best wishes,