Saturday, September 10, 2016

Weather or not...

Working on a boat, I constantly checked weather: hourlies, wind predictions, precip... seems like it would be less of a concern on land.

Looking at the 10 day forecast along our route, it looked like a good weather window.  When we pulled into the Cabela's yesterday, we again checked weather along our intended route (considering going through the Tetons and Jackson, Wyoming)... yep, now the weather looks like crap.  Not dropping south, but staying on I-90 east... yep, more crap.  Not bad where we are... looks like we'll stay here for a couple days.

Boondocking at Cabela's is fine for an overnight, but we need to put on fresh water.  We have an inverter for our small electrical needs, but need to run the generator for the microwave or electric water heater - I'd rather be in a park with hook-ups.  We called around the area to find an RV park: the good ones were booked up and the bad ones had some pretty awful reviews - we dodged a bullet yesterday when the RV park that we could see from Flying J didn't think we'd fit with our cargo trailer... that place had the worst reviews of any RV park I've checked!

This morning, I called a nicely rated park that we called yesterday.  Timing matters.  Yesterday, it was a Friday, near closing time for them, at the end of their season.  I got someone different this morning, put on my best "Hi, we are a quiet retired couple..." shtick, and got us a site for a couple nights.  The place looks good on their website and has good reviews.  AND, we will be west of the crappy weather.

So, our travels today will be about 7 miles.  Then, we'll re-evaluate the weather again in a couple days.


The land yacht: the boats I have been driving are all bigger than this motorhome.  It has been three months since I drove the Aspect until we unhooked utilities and headed for the ferry.  It is a different mind set... cruising along at Interstate speeds with traffic a couple feet from you on both sides.  No whales to be scouting for.  ;-)  And, no schedule.  Coeur d' Alene looks like a nice area (we have only ever spent a night while passing through with the boat) - we should be able to entertain ourselves in the area for whatever time we take here.

The view out the window may change, but home is where we park it.

Izzy got to stretch her legs...

The grounds around every Cabela's we've been in are always immaculate.  The RV parking can be a bit cozy, though...

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