Friday, February 16, 2018

Cloudy with a chance of popcorn...

The last couple days in the desert have been cloudy with light rain.  Today: mostly cloudy, no precip.  We decided to go to a movie.  Besides being able to pick your seats on-line, you can order your movie snacks ahead of time, with some "on-line specials."  We were able to get an extra large popcorn and drink and some licorice for about the same price as a medium popcorn and drink.  I didn't realize the extra large popcorn has to be wheeled to your seat, since it is the size of a 55 gallon barrel.  Of course, I am exaggerating: it is the size of a 30 gallon barrel.

OK, whatever measurement system you use, it is more popcorn than two normal size people can eat... especially if they intend to stay normal size.  Bonus: you get to put your own butter on the popcorn; they also have little containers with lids - I think they are for pickles or some other condiment.  I put some butter (or whatever that greasy yellow liquid is) in one and put a lid on it... yep, we were able to add butter to the huge container half way through.  American ingenuity.

The movie was good, and it was another chance for Rufus to show what a good boy he can be when by himself.

He has discovered the delight of the track-ball toy, and he whacks the heck out of it.  This boy is muscle-y and strong.

We checked in on Steph and Dan.  They have the day off today (bonus).  Good thing; seems that one of the kids breathed something on Steph and she is feeling lousy.  Dan has plenty of graphic design work to keep him busy.

Rufus got some walking-on-the-leash practice again today.  Progress continues.  He seems to enjoy being outside, but makes no effort to get out the door when it is open.  Outside on the leash, he has learned that to get back in the door, he has to allow room for the screen door to open.  Not bad for marking his first full week with us.  He is a little less needy, and is OK out of arm's (paw's reach) from us.  He knows that the next meal will always be there, and petting is available on demand.  We could not be more delighted with his temperament and how he is fitting in.

We looked at some cat towers while out today, but didn't see anything that would comfortably fit in the coach and give him more height than the dash.  If they were tall enough, they didn't seem solid.  We'll keep our eyes open when we're out and about.

While it was cloudy most of the day today, we did get a decent sunset...

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