Sunday, February 18, 2018

Cute when he's asleep...

Rufus?  Yeah, him, too.  Down for a nap this afternoon, Joan thought "her guys" were pretty cute...

Looking pretty comfortable.  And cute...

Yes, Rufus, too.



After the nap and supper for Rufus, I decided to take him out for one more walking "practice" as the sun was setting.  It was another beautiful sunset, but I didn't have my camera or phone with me.  But, the big news: Rufus walked on his leash!

When I say we have been "practicing," I mean I have been carrying him a ways from the coach, and we walk back to the door.  He realized right away that the door was his key to being home.  He hasn't made a run for it, and hasn't been too bothered by noisy traffic or people.  But, until this evening, each "walk" has started with a carry, then a walk back.  The goal was to get him used to being on the leash; no pulling on it, and no bolting - he has been doing great with that.

So, this evening, after a "carry and walk," we stopped well short of the door.  He seemed ready to walk away from the coach, and I encouraged him.  After 30 or 40 yards, he was behind the concrete block enclosure for the dumpster, and out of sight of the coach.  He looked around a bit, and I encouraged him to go back the way he came... he did it like a champ!  When we got to where he could see our motorhome, he knew where to go.  This is a big step in his walking progress.

The weather here in the Valley of the Sun is supposed to turn chilly over the next few days, so we may not get a lot of walking practice in.  But, he is well ahead of where I thought we'd be at this time.


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