Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Didn't your Momma warn you about meeting people from the internet?

We had the opportunity to meet some friends today from the carbon fiber guitar forum where I spend (probably too much) time.  Earl and Alice are from Idaho and are here in the Phoenix area visiting Alice's Mother.  They took the time to come to our RV park so we could visit, make some music, and get to meet Rufus.

We spent the first hour or so getting to know each other.  Alice got to put Rufus on her lap, but he wasn't his usual social self.  Earl and Alice have cats in their family, so they understand.  Kinda like meeting someone's kids and instead of "performing," the kids get all shy.

Out for lunch to a Hawaiian BBQ place, then back to the motorhome for some guitar "show & tell" and playing the "What songs do you want to play?" game.  Fortunately, while I am older than Earl, he knows a lot of songs from my era.  And Alice plays flute, which adds a whole new dimension to the acoustic music.

Earl brought his Emerald X20 12-string, and (of course) we swapped for a while.  Very nice guitar - makes me really miss my X20.

We traded songs most of the afternoon, until the sun got low... and things cool off pretty fast here in the desert.  We said our good-byes, but we will see them again on Friday, when we're getting together with some other carbon fiber enthusiasts.

As with other folks we've met from the internet, Earl and Alice are a delight... and he is the way he writes.  The carbon fiber forum is not huge, so you get a feel for the regulars there.  I'm looking forward to more guitar fun on Friday.


Didja read the part about Rufus being "shy" above?  Joan has been laying out a quilt project (on the bed) this evening, and Rufus is laying there being sweet.  When no one else is looking.  Of course.

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