Monday, February 5, 2018


Some days I just crack myself up.  I was awake.  Really.  After showering, I decided a trim for the beard was in order.  I got out the razor AND the spacer (guide comb) for it that keeps me from cutting too much off.  Apparently, you have to do more than just get the spacer out - you have to actually put it ON the razor.

I started with the mustache... um, that is a LOT of hair coming off that razor.  I busted out laughing!  "Joan, look what I just did!"  Instead of a trim, one side of my mustache now looked like a 3-day growth... the other side was full and thick.  "Well, I guess I'll be shaving this whole thing off."

Joan looked at the one side and said, "I like it trimmed close - just do the rest of it like that."

I guess it isn't so bad - when we got to Steph's school today, she didn't notice.  ;-)

Speaking of Steph's school, we are volunteering today.  "Volunteering" is what you call it when your kid says, "Can you guys do three days in the class this week instead of one?"

They are working on their Gravity Cruisers again this year, and we are providing some adult help.  The kids are given guidelines, but it is up to them to design and build a "racer" that will be powered by a lever and gravity.  It's a project that is sponsored by GM, and gets these middle school kids some hands-on group project that involves working together, design, physics, and building.

They have already started this project (before we got here), but they are running behind, thus the reason for us to be here to essentially get them thinking about how best to execute their racers.  It is not our job to tell them directly what they need to do, but lead them into discovering for themselves.  Some of them saw the racers from last year.  Some Googled designs for this - hey, that is how things are done these days.

We had two classes today - the first class rolling in...

Steph giving them some instructions...

My favorite part of this experience is seeing Steph work with these kids.  She makes me proud.

We were busy right out of the starting gate - I'll try to get some photos of the Cruisers being built tomorrow.

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