Monday, February 26, 2018

Poor little guy - he's exhausted...

After his breakfast, Rufus has taken to laying on the dash for his morning nap.  With the front of the coach facing east, I am sure that is a warm spot, with soft diffused light from the white windshield cover.  I understand why he needs a nap.

The evening crazies kicked in just after midnight.  It takes a lot of effort to get a good workout in this confined space.  The activity can raise the ire in you, until he snuggles up against you when he's done.  "OK, let's all get some sleep."

Shortly before 5:00 am, he decided it was time to be up.  He hinted that he was ready for breakfast by standing on my throat and screaming, "Time to get up - Rufus is hungry!"  Fortunately, he is faster and more alert than I am (in my newly wakened state), and managed to dodge the pillow I swung at him.  "Oh, fun!  Let's play the pillow game!  Try to get me again!"

I was almost back to sleep when he came up with a new game called "Pop Up!"  It is based on the game Whack-a-Mole, but you aren't allowed to hit him with a sledge hammer... he "pops up" in different places on my side of the bed.  I grabbed him, pulled him close to me, and tried to soothe him by softly whispering, "Settle down or I will smother you with a pillow."  When I released the wrestling hold I had on him, he moved crossways on the bed between us, his head on Joan and pushing me with his back legs.  I think in the animal kingdom, this is a sign of affection.

When I did get up (a couple hours later), he was SO excited... "Food!"  Apparently, I forgot to feed him for the past week?  Kidding, of course - he eats his own weight in food every 24 hours.  Being a responsible Cat-Daddy, I am always on schedule with his food.  Last night, I have him extra hard food before bed instead of putting out a timer-feeder, thinking he would be able to snack on that at will.  Apparently, he thought Will might try to take the food, so he gobbled it all down before coming to bed.  I now know the evening crazies can go past midnight when he has a full belly.

He is very grateful for his morning meal, and sings for his breakfast.  Enthusiastically.  Eventually, that food high wanes and he heads to the dash for the aforementioned morning nap...

And he just looks so darn sweet in the process.  Darn shame Joan won't let me stand on his throat and holler, "Time to get up!"  I think he would enjoy that.  As much as I do.