Saturday, February 3, 2018

Wash and wax...

Not talking about my legs.  Nor my bikini line.

The motorhome was grubby before we left Texas - getting caught in the rain on the way back from San Antonio in December left it a mess.  No time to wash it before we left for Arizona.

While at Pueblo El Mirage (the RV resort we were in last week), we picked up a card for a guy who does RV wash and wax at your site.  He was booked up while we were there, but said he would be coming to the park we are currently in "next Saturday."  I gave him our site number, but he didn't take my name.

Well, today is "next Saturday" - I called to confirm he would be coming out.  Yes, we are on "his list"... two rigs ahead of us today.  I figured that meant we wouldn't see Romeo (yes, his name) before mid-afternoon.  I was wrong: he showed up around 10:30.

After having him look over the coach, the cargo trailer, and the car,  we negotiated.  He has a fixed price for the RV (any size), and a separate price for the tow vehicle.  He also pointed out that the finish on the cargo trailer was "pretty oxidized."  Yep.  The car and motorhome are due to be waxed.

My darling wife encouraged this, saying, "Happy Valentines Day.  Plus, you won't be aching for 3 or 4 days."

Good point.

So, here we sit inside, while Romeo and his associate are on the roof, spraying and washing.  You notice it when there are two big guys up there.  ;-)  They do a spot-free rinse.  They will wax with Maguiar's, then buff.  They way they are going after this, I am guessing it will still be a several-hour job.  Would have been a two-day job, with a 4 day recovery time for me.  Good value.

Working on the cargo trailer...

The boss left one guy to get our stuff waxed.  I thought he'd start with the coach first and asked if it would be OK if Joan took the car for a few minutes.  English is not his first language - on her way to the car, he had already started waxing it... he was doing it first, so she could take it.  Hard working guy - he had it waxed in about a half hour.

I am sitting in the coach, trying to stay out of the way.  He is going after the coach waxing like a madman.  They are wasting no time.  My view out the window...

Yes, that is my new best friend, Arthuro, on a ladder, getting to the area above our dinette window.  At the rate he is going, he will have the coach waxed in an hour or so.

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