Sunday, February 25, 2018

What's with all the guitar stuff?

Yeah, I know: where's the cat stuff? 

It's has been two weeks and two days now, since we adopted Rufus.  We know we can trust him to leave him in the coach without us for a while.  No litter box "misses" - he is a clean boy.  Speaking of the litter box, no one told me about this with a boy: he eats big and he poops big.  Without getting too graphic, when Isabella pooped, it was like the little Tootsie-Roll...

Like the one at the bottom.  Rufus, on the other hand... yeah, the dollar size.  Bigger than the one at the top.  In multiples.  TMI?

We haven't been doing any walking on the leash for a couple days.  Not because of time - something scared him last time we were out, and he hasn't come to sit by me when I hold up the leash... I'm not pushing things.  All in due time.

He sleeps through most of the night.  Until it is time for breakfast - well, when he thinks it's time for breakfast... at which point he rubs his face on mine.  Enthusiastically.  Usually, it makes me chuckle; it didn't take him long to figure out the routine.

He still isn't too interested in toys, other than the orange ball track - which he whacks the hell out of.  In spite of the ruckus, it makes us smile.

So does this face...

Or, this face...

He has assumed the throne: "I am the king of all I survey..."

Still very lovey.  I hope that never changes.



On edit: more cat stuff!

We had dinner at Steph and Dan's house today.  Joan did the prep work, and made some dishes that the "kids" can take for lunches this week.  Dan grilled corn and veggies.  I grilled the steaks.  Steph was busy with work from school.

Chow was good, and nice to visit.  And, get some GrandCat time in.

Joan with Tasha...

Yes, that is a large cat.  And, she and Joan bonded when Tasha first came into the family, and that bond continues.

Dan and Alfie...

Yes, an even bigger cat.  Those two are Siberian Forest Cats.

That leaves Torrie doing a selfie with me...

She is a little girl, but the Alfa Female.  No, I didn't get a photo of Steph with a cat.  She doesn't think so, but they all do like her.  ;-)

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