Monday, March 12, 2018

Four decades and six years ago...

... we brought forth into this world a new life.  Little did we know how much it would change our lives.

Enough of that sounding statesman-like stuff - today is Stephanie's birthday.  We will be going out for supper to her choice of restaurant.  This morning, she and Joan are off to find some carpet to recover a cat tower that Steph built for Tasha 3 years ago.  Seems that the little kitten has grown into quite a large cat.  And Alfie, another large cat has been added to the family.  The platform for that tower is a bit too small for those big cats, plus Tasha has trashed the carpet on it.  Steph has an emotional attachment to the tower, so it will be a re-build rather than toss and buy new.

This outing will be Mother and daughter, leaving Dan to his own, me to mine.  I'm guessing Rufus and I will get some patio time.

Speaking of Rufus, Joan took this photo this morning...

When Steph came by to pick up Joan, she got to have some Rufus time on her birthday.  Instead of breakfast in bed, Dan brought in cats, one at a time, for Steph this morning.  Apparently she is having a good day.


On edit: the finished tower project...

That is their male cat, Alfie, by the new tower.  Substantial build... yes, the tower and the cat.  Alfie is furry, but he is a big boy under all that fur.  Joan was there during the re-build, for moral support.  I was at home, more for immoral support.

We visited around the coach when Steph brought Joan back.  Then, back to their place and off to Abuelo's Mexican Restaurant for supper.  Good food and conversation.  Then, back to Steph and Dan's house for opening cards and presents.  In our family, the cats give presents to their people.

That is Torrie in the foreground - the "vintage" cat in the family.  She is the one that was having some health issues at Christmas, but is doing great now.

A nice birthday celebration.


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