Monday, March 5, 2018

He pulled a Molly...

This morning, while having our morning pastries, we heard the doors unlock!  We both turned our heads towards the front of the coach and saw that Rufus had reached over from his perch on the dash and hit the power door lock button.  Not by accident.

I wondered what was going on when we came back to the coach the other day and the cabin door had both locks locked... we generally use just the deadbolt lock because it is more secure.  Apparently, Rufus felt the need to double lock the door while we were gone.

About the title to this post: when we had picked up the C-Dory at the factory in Washington State (in 2006), we brought it back to the factory to have some shake-down items fixed.  Since it was going to take several hours for that work, we ran some errands; then went back to the factory to get our laundry out of the boat to get that done while we waited.  I knew it was only going to take us a moment to get the laundry off the boat, and since it was hot out, I left the motor running on the truck so Molly would have air conditioning.  We got about 10 steps away from truck and heard the doors lock... while we were outside... with the keys in the ignition ('cause the motor was running).

Molly had stepped on the door lock button and locked us out of the truck!

It was morning break time at the factory and workers were outside; it didn't take long before there were a bunch of people around our truck, looking at the cat locked inside.  I tried to coax Molly back towards the lock button, hoping that maybe she would "accidentally" unlock the door.  Nope.

The shape of the doorjam on the truck made it impossible to get a coat-hanger in there to try to press the unlock button.  One of the workers - and it just so happened that he was one I had some cross words with regarding how long it would be before we could get the boat back - came to the truck with a pry bar and a rag.

"Oh, no," I said, "The truck is brand new - I don't want to pry the door open!"

He said, "I won't hurt the truck.  Get your coat-hanger ready."

In seconds, he had enough of an opening that I could get the wire in there and get the door unlocked.  I offered to pay him for his help, and he said, "Well, I would like to pet your kitty."  (Molly had that effect on most people.)

Deal.  And, for the record, there was no damage to the door.

We learned to have an extra door key with us if we ever stepped away from the truck with Molly in it, even for just a couple seconds.

Fortunately, we still both carry both door lock keys with us when we leave the motorhome.  Just in case.  The button that locks the cockpit doors also locks the coach door.

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