Friday, March 16, 2018

Not as bad...

... as last week.  Talking about Bingo.  Oh, we still didn't win any of the pots, but... we were close on several of them.  Hmmm... maybe that is actually worse than last week, where we weren't even close.

Family fun night.  Plans for this get made at the highest level: between Joan and Steph.  We don't play bingo other than when we're here.  Dan told me that last time they played (besides last week) was when we were here last year.

There are some "regulars" here, who buy multiples of the 20 or so game packages.  They have scads of daubers.  I think some may be wearing their lucky bingo underwear.  I may have to check into some of those.

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day.  I am half Irish.  Joan will be making corned beef and cabbage.  She and Dan will eat that; Steph and I will be eating spaghetti... or hot dogs... or anything other than corned beef and cabbage.  Pretty sure we won't be playing bingo, either.


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