Thursday, March 8, 2018


As in: not inside.

It is another lovely day in the desert; Joan decided to take her quilt project outside to sew some of the squares together.  With one strip done, it is looking cute.

Speaking of looking cute, I asked Joan if she'd like some music while she sewed, "Absolutely."  I brought my guitar out, she brought Rufus out.  In the previous post, I mentioned how he has been skittish while outside.  We thought he might be OK if the three of us were sitting out there.

Not so much...

"I know this is how I get back in!  Somebody open the door!"


(Big cat sigh)

"This isn't what Rufus wants.  (Another big cat sigh)  We're never going back in, are we??"

Neither of us had our phones out there, but Joan did have her iPad, to see how she had laid out the fabric squares.  It has a camera in it, so that is what she used to get the above photos.


It pays to advertise: there has been a commercial on local TV the last couple days, for PeiWei Chinese restaurant, saying how their Orange Chicken is better than Panda Express.  I didn't know I was in the mood for Orange Chicken.  We decided to take Rufus for a ride.  He and I waited in the car while Joan went in to get the food, then back to the coach.  He did fine with the ride.  We did fine with the Orange Chicken.  They were right, it was better than Panda's.

Rufus is keeping a close eye on us, though...

He isn't sure what else we will toss at him.  (Nothing he can't handle.)


I mentioned that Joan has been working on another quilt project.  She picked out her fabrics - as you might expect, there are a couple cat prints in there, but also a guitar fabric...

This is just a small portion of the project; each of these rows have been sewn together, but the rows are not joined, yet; and more rows to go.  She has a lot more work to go before the final assembly, which likely won't get done 'till we get home (where she has more space).  Looking good!

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