Wednesday, March 7, 2018


No, we aren't packed to go somewhere.

I do try to write something here almost every day.  Some days, it is just life, not off doing something... writeable.  (Yes, I made up that word.  I think.)

Joan wanted to go to Fry's Supermarket today.  The first Wednesday of each month is "Senior Day."  Nothing to do with being back in high school, Senior Day there gets those of us who have achieved the proper number of years 10% off your entire purchase.  We stocked up on stuff that was already on sale: meats and soda.  The place was packed: silver-haired folks as far as the eye could see.  From the way some of them were maneuvering their shopping carts, I was concerned about my Honda in the parking lot.  Fortunately, the lot was so full we had to park quite a ways out.  ;-)

We made another stop before heading home: Joan had seen a cat-scratching post at Wally World, that she wanted to show me.  I am concerned that Rufus is going to be expecting some new toy or treat every time we return home... yeah, we brought it home, but it hasn't captured his attention, yet.

She'd like to get him a tower, but we have two of them at home, and space in the motorhome is limited.  Not to mention: he really likes to lay up on the dash.

Out on the scoots after our shopping outing.  Hey, I have to get some use out of that cool (literally) new mesh jacket.  After a leisurely lunch, we did a loop here in the western valley.  Overcast, but delightful - around 80º for a high; the riding was good.

Steph and Dan are occupied the next couple of days: this is the last week before their spring break, and they have parent conferences the rest of the week... we won't get our usual supper together.  So, just livin' life here in the desert.  Seems like the first day in quite a while that we haven't had something scheduled.

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