Wednesday, March 21, 2018


That was quick.  Maybe I should have asked for more $$.  ;-)  Two people were interested, the first guy took it.  That opens up one more spot on the wall when we get home.

The RainSong was my first carbon fiber guitar and it helped get me hooked on them.  The Emeralds sealed the deal.

I was hoping to sell the guitar locally so I wouldn't have to fuss with shipping, but this gentleman offered to pay for the shipping - I just had to get it to the FedEx office.

I thought it might feel bad to sell one off... nope.  I still have more than I can play.  I kinda like that.



A trip to FedEx to get the guitar out...

Supper with Steph and Dan, then back to the coach.  Rufus got to go for a walk - well, more of a "carry"... and then some time on the patio...

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