Thursday, July 24, 2014

Blowing like stink...

I had an early charter.  Checking weather before we left, the weasels were calling for winds 12, seas 1 to 2 feet where I intended to go.  On the way there, the winds were gusting above 25 mph; seas quickly built from 2... to 3... to 4, with occasional 5s.  My Momma didn't raise no dummies - we turned so we were running with the waves (instead of on the beam, 'cause that is very uncomfortable), and got behind a small island for some temporary comfort.

The guests were great - from New York, and they were boaters.  Their first time in the San Juans, but they said they were fine with the conditions.  I checked on them a couple times during the trip, and they were, indeed, doing just fine.  When we were coming back in, one of the larger passenger boats (100') called us to ask the conditions - they were heading out from the protection of San Juan Island, towards our position... they came out, saw what we were heading in from, and they turned around and went back.  I did tell 'em what it was like.  ;-)

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny, with light winds... we'll see.

The guitar playing was mellow this evening... I am really liking that all mahogany.

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