Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Evening with friends and downsizing...

I forgot to take photos... I know, without photos, it didn't happen.  Downsizing?  Not us - not right now.

Last night, we got together with our friend Steve and his lady friend onboard Wild Blue.  The four of us sat in the cockpit and visited for a couple hours.  Nice people, and spirited discussion.  Steve is an absolutely brilliant guy; we met last year when I asked him about the small (but very high tech) trimaran he had in a slip not too far from ours.  During our conversation, we found out we have a lot in common.  We have stayed in touch.

He has a very nice, big sailboat - it is made to travel the world.  Steve is looking to "re-size" to something trailerable and was aware of all the places we have been with Wild Blue.  This was an opportunity to introduce Rebecca to the experience of traveling and living (on land and water) in a trailerable cruising boat.  From the look in her eyes, she gets it.

If anyone reading this is looking for a well-equipped world-cruising sailboat, drop me a note - I'll put you in touch with our friend.

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