Sunday, July 20, 2014

Interesting Boat of the Day...

I don't think I have posted one of these yet this season.  I saw this one while out on a whale watch trip yesterday...

It is an Island Packet Cat (catamaran).  35 feet long, 15 foot beam, twin 27 hp diesel engines, solid foredeck.  LOTS of room inside.  I was on one the year we spent the winter in the Florida Keys.  Not a particularly fast multi-hull, but designed for comfortable cruising.  I see this particular example is available for charter from Anacortes Yacht Charters.

Island Packet is known for their beefy monohulls, and I think this cat was built to similar standards.  It has what IP calls a "delta pod" between the hulls... looking at it from the front, it almost looks like a trimaran.  I assume the pod is designed to keep down the slap that shorter cruising catamarans get on the bridgedeck... it is supposed to break up the waves that come between the hulls.  Probably doesn't help the boat's sailing speed.

Lots of room for two couples onboard.  Or, a decadent amount of space for a cruising couple.

Interesting boat, one you don't see too often.

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