Sunday, July 27, 2014

We're havin' a heatwave...

No, not a tropical heatwave.

Watching Seattle news this morning, one of the weather weasels was saying "Warm days ahead!  Will we break the hot streak we had earlier where there were 12 consecutive days with the temperature above 80º?"

Really?  Above 80º?  Back home, we'd call that November or March.  ;-)

Oh, I understand it isn't what this area is used to.  Come to the San Juan Islands - it is always cooler here than around Seattle.  Dryer, too.  Yesterday was typical "San Juan Islands nice" for summer.  The weasels said our high for the day was around 74º.  I had 4 layers on while on the boat in Haro Strait.  I was able to get it down to only 2 layers when we were back at the dock.

Joan has an adventure planned for us for tomorrow, and she thinks we can wear shorts.

For the record, we have run the heat all but one night on the boat... and we were tired and went to bed early that night.  And turned on heat as soon as we woke up.  Our boat is more protected at the helm than either of the two boats I drive for work.  I can wear shorts in our boat.  ;-)


Team Brazo said...

We hear you on the heat, on our short trip so far we have almost used a full container of Klean Heat on the wallas. It was much warmer last year in the Gulf Islands - we actually went swimming- this year we fret about falling off the paddle board. Love the sleeping that the cold allows.

MarkJ said...

Falling off the paddle board is the only way to stay alive! 101 with a heat index of 107. Would you mind sharing a little bit?

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Ah, perspective. ;-)