Wednesday, August 6, 2014


These whales are getting a bit uppity.  "Oh, we don't have to be anywhere close - they will come to us wherever we are."

My last trip last week, I made a long run to just outside Port Angeles to view two humpbacks.  Today, there were Orcas... they were off Saltspring Island (in the Canadian Gulf Islands), and heading away from us.

Really?  After all the people I have brought out to see you, this is the thanks I get?  I should mention that these were transients.

We pushed off from the dock only a few minutes late... with a long ways to go.  I know the whales were snickering... by the time I got to Spieden Channel, they had moved from Saltspring Island to the north side of Prevost Island.  If you don't have your charts handy, they were moving north northwest.  At about 6 knots.

To add to the fun, I asked one of the other captains (driving a smaller boat) how the conditions were - his response: "It is lumpy, the whales are way far away, and the viewing wasn't that great!"

Well, that was a fun report.  Yep, it's August.  ;-)

I had checked with our guests - several wanted to be back for the 6:30 ferry.  I can live with that.

It took almost two hours to get to the whales... they were beyond the entrance to Montague Harbour in Trincomali Channel.  Yeah, this is gonna run a lot more than "a three hour tour."

I stayed as long as I could, knowing how long it would take us to get back.  On the way, we passed this BC small ferry running by an anchored cargo ship...

And this cargo ship, making the turn from Boundary Pass to Haro Strait in a thin fog...

And for my Honey: sparkling water, looking to the west...

She loves the sparkly water, and hasn't been out on a boat much this summer to see it.  And the other of us has been out on a boat plenty.  I'm thinking we need to even that out.  ;-)

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