Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Batting .500...

No, I'm not a baseball player.

It has been an amazing season of whale watching this summer.  Today, I had two trips... on the first one, we did not see whales.  That hasn't happened much this summer.  The guests were understanding: the resident Orcas were too far north or west to get to.  There were no reports of transient whales until we were well into our trip... and not enough time to get to them.

For the second trip, I let the guests know that the only whales in the area were quite a ways away.  Further than we could get to in the usual tour time... "Anyone on a tight schedule?"

I let them know that I would do my best to get them to the whales, but it would run beyond a "three hour tour."  No one objected.  I asked, "What if it runs 4 to 5 hours."

The consensus: "We want to see whales!"

We are going for it!  We had to go east and north... north of Lummi Island.  From the reports, there were several groups of transient whales merging... this could be really good!  Or, they could turn direction, and we might not be able to catch up with them.  No pressure, huh?  ;-)

It took us almost two hours to get to the transients, but it was SO worth the trip...

Some great surface activity!

Check out the young one behind Momma...

The guests could not have been more excited!  It was a long trip, but very satisfying.

My work days are now down to single digits.

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