Friday, August 8, 2014

I needed an easy day...

Today was an easy day.  :-)

I drove out of Roche Harbor today, and my usual two-trip schedule was changed to match up to one trip at the same time as the Friday Harbor boats.  It isn't like I'm looking for the hours.

The scooter trip to Roche was refreshing this morning.  I was there plenty early - able to check on the boat with the starter issue (replaced this morning) before going to work on the Roche boat...

The only issue for me was the extra work to get the single screw boat out of the tight spot.  ;-)

The whales were in Haro Strait, just outside of Roche Harbor.  I expected a BUNCH of boats to be on scene... I was surprised that there were only 4 or 5 commercial whale watch boats and about 10 private boats.  The whales spread out and began moving different directions... the group we were viewing only had two other boats with them... it was a very pleasant, easy day of viewing.  And, the viewing was good: a couple breaches, some spy hops, and lots of other activity.  No photos - you'll have to use your imagination.

We even had time to find some eagles and seals.  And such a beautiful day: bright sunshine and less wind than yesterday.  It was a delight to only have one trip today... and such a lovely day!  (And don't tell anyone: it was easy!)

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