Wednesday, August 13, 2014

If the rain comes...

... they run and hide their heads (when the rain comes)...

If you said, "The Beatles," you win 50 bonus points!  It's up to you to keep track.

It is Wednesday.  While it does occasionally vary, Wednesday is usually laundry day for the Wild Blue crew.  The rain is pouring down.  So, we put on rain gear and schlepped the laundry up the hill... didn't have to worry about getting things wet.  ;-)

Joan made herself a mug of coffee and is doing the laundry duty.  She will call when done, and I will suit up and go up the hill to help cart stuff back down.  Getting stuff wet on the way back to the boat is something we will try to avoid.

I am on call today.  Generally, if the weather is less than great, we can keep trips to two boats.  When I checked last night, the boat I am to drive will get the next booking... so, we'll see if the rain affects the number of people who want to get out on the water.

Joan re-waterproofed the camperback a couple weeks ago - yesterday and today was a good test for it: all is good.

I can't complain about the rain - it has been drier than normal here, and we can use the moisture.  For a day or two.

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