Saturday, August 23, 2014

Morning sensations...

We got to sleep in this morning.  Joan doesn't have to go in until 9:00; I don't have to go prep a boat until noonish.  When I looked out this morning, the fog was thick.  The only sound was the distant blast of the ferry's fog signal.  No other boats moving around, yet.

Joan made coffee (for her) and hot chocolate (for me).  It is nice to not have to be in a hurry.  Work wasn't far from Joan's thoughts though: she said, "We have a lot of people flying in today."  (Sigh)

She will be busy when she goes in, trying to make altered plans work for people.

We could hear the ferry come in; couldn't see it.  The rocking motion at the dock when the ferries come and go is something we hardly notice anymore.

Why so much fog in August?  Warm days, cool nights, and that temperature differential moving over the cool water.  It's Fogust.


On edit: it is burning off fast!  An hour after I made the above post...

A little wispy fog back towards Shaw Island...

So glad my Honey won't have to be scrambling to reschedule people.

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